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QtCommander is still developed.

Posted: 2015-03-06 by Piotr

After long pause, development of QtCommander stared again. It happened couple months ago (sorry for lack of any news). And brought a lot of fixes and new features. For details please check commit history clicking on "Changes" link.

Starting December 2014 application is intensively developed. New commits are coming everyday. As for new features. One appeared few internal file viewers. Expanded text viewer (including edit mode with syntax highlighting - in this moment only for 2 languages). Simple image viewer with few basic functions. Simple video and audio viewer basing on Phonon. And on end archive viewer working similar to this one from Midnight Commander. If internal viewer is missing then we can use external (just pressing Enter or performing double click on file). There are couple of file subsystem (local, ftp, tar, zip, rar). Local subsystem has almost all functions what such subsystem should have, For instance: recurrent copying, moving, removing, weighing, setting attributes, searching. In this moment is missing only symbolic links creation and modification. Others have less functions. Namely: listing directories, searching files, weighing, removing (tar only), viewing files (in internal and external viewers). Program supports a lot of shortcuts. For details please check README file. In this moment available is only source code via git repository (details how to get one might find under link: "Source code". Every testers are welome. Every bugs and wishes one might requested via link: "Bugs & Wishes". Enjoy of testing.

A new snapshot is available to download

Posted: 2013-07-16 by Piotr

In the section Download -> Snapshots you can find archive with the latest source code of QtCommander 2 - ready to compliation. Please download, complie, test and requests the bugs using "Bugs & Wishes". Thanks.

QtCommander is not dead.

Posted: 2013-07-16 by Piotr

If someone had thought like that, I disappoint him. Just please look at section "Changes". Here you can find a lot of commits, which implement new features and fixing bugs. I can mention few most important. Recently has been added the possibility looking for files (in localsubsystem) with addition feature - puting found items into new tab. On found items you can perfom few operation, like: remove, open directory, view file, weigh file/directory, check properties, rename. Before have been added support for several filesystem operation: removing (including files inside archive), setting properties, weighing directory(ies), making new file/directory. Information about all implemented features soon will appear in "About application" section. As next filesystem operation is planned copying.

Migration from SVN to GIT

Posted: 2012-09-06 by Piotr

Starting 9th June 2012 the project will begin to use GIT version control system instead SVN. Repository based on SVN still will be available by next month (July), but the main is becaming GIT. All necessary information how to use git, please find in Source code section.

New bugfix release of QtCommander

Posted: 2009-07-05 by Piotr

A new stable release (0.6.5) is available to download. The fixes are relevant with FTP client and "Storeable devices menu". Details in CHANGELOG. You can download a source package and binary packages (currently only for Mandriva 2009.1) from the DOWNLOAD section.

QtCommander back to life

Posted: 2008-10-05 by Piotr

Until january 2008 available is development version of QtCommander (qtcmd-0.6 port based on Qt4): branch 'trunk' in repository. In addition until october 2008 has been availabled experimental version (based on Qt4) in very early development phase - branch: 'branches/qtcmd2' in SVN.

QtCommander on Qt4

Posted: 2007-12-22 by Piotr

Work over version based on Qt4 has been started at 06.12.2007, as can read in 'CHANGELOG' section. It is very early stage, now. Not all parts of code have been ported to Qt4, yet. Work in progress. This version isn't available to download, now, but soon will appear as 'trunk' link in svn repository.

New bugfix release of QtCommander

Posted: 2007-12-02 by Piotr

A new stable release is available to download. Fix few major bugs (locked keyboard and not working recursive copy and move operation). You can download a source package or binary packages (Mandriva, Slackware, KateOS) from the DOWNLOAD section.